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First Hang Glide

What to Expect During Your First Tandem Hang Gliding Experience

In the "good ol' days" of hang gliding, enthusiasts would literally run and jump off of cliffs to launch their hang glider. Imagine how intimidating that could be for a first-time pilot. But there's no need to panic! There are two basic and extremely safe methods for getting started as a beginning hang gliding pilot.

Lessons are available which involve instruction on training, or "bunny," hills. The bunny hills allow the novice to experience hang gliding from only several feet above the ground. Training entails practice from the bunny hills under a controlled environment with certified instructors. Your instructor will help you become familiar with the equipment you will be using. Then you will practice solo control of the hang glider by flying no higher than 10 to 20 feet in the air, after which you and the instructor will embark on your tandem adventure by foot-launching the hang glider from a much steeper hill.

As an alternative, you may choose an aerotow high-altitude hang glide lesson, sure to make your cloud-bustin' adventure stress-free and exciting! After some brief general instruction you'll be fitted into your harness, and you and the instructor will be elevated by an ultralight plane to up to 3000 feet in the air!

The plane will then release you, and the sound of the engine fading away will soon be replaced by the sound of the wind whooshing by you as you gracefully soar along on pillows of air. Your instructor will teach you how to speed up, slow down, or change the direction of your hang glider.

But don't get too involved in steering your hang glider that you don't notice the landscape above and below you! The stress of everyday life melts away, with not a cubicle or file cabinet in sight! Only the sloping hills of trees.never-ending blue skies.perhaps a mighty eagle or two.

After an exhilarating flight, your instructor will prepare for a smooth and soft landing. Your hang gliding adventure is over!

Powered Hang Gliders

Another thrilling alternative which you may not have considered for your next adventure is powered hang gliding! Powered hang gliders are ultra-light aircraft which are extraordinarily similar to traditional hang gliders. These whimsical flying chariots still feature hang gliding wings and rely on weight-shift operation, but they are powered by a reliable engine. Hang gliding purists will be delighted to know that with the engine turned off, these vehicles function exactly like conventional hang gliders, providing hours of breathtaking enjoyment in a wider range of weather conditions. The tandem seating (instructor in front, student in the rear) allows additional comfort and convenience.

Call us today to find out how we can make your first hang gliding experience out of this world!

Call 1-800-615-9086 and make reservations for your first Hang Glide.

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